Nintendo Switch – Top 10/Indie 10 for 2017

Pedro’s List:

With the Switch being a year old, a lot of games have released for it. That being said, not all games are great, and some are better than others. With that in mind, today I will discuss my Nintendo Switch top 10 for 2017!

PS: Since everyone will mention Mario and Zelda, I won’t include them in this list, as I suspect you already know how great those games are!

10) Time Recoil

10Ton put a lot of effort this year on the Switch, but out of all the games they’ve released, I loved Time Recoil. Not only did it offer challenge and content, it offered an unique take on the genre by offering time-twisting mechanics that made for a special experience that I will always remember.

9) Snipperclips Plus

I haven’t played much of this game, but what I did with my girlfriend was fantastic. Snipperclips  Plus builds on the original game and also comes in a neat physical release, which at $29.99 is a must buy for anyone who has a friend or significant other to play games with.

8) Golf Story

I wasn’t expecting anything from this title. The idea of a golf-rpg just sounded so dumb to me, yet when I played this game I couldn’t help but love everything it did. From the beautifully-crafted visuals to the stellar writing, Golf Story is an example of how a dumb idea can become something beautiful given time and dedication.

7) Resident Evil Collection

This isn’t Resident Evil 7, but it is a neat package that scratches that itch I had for a Resident Evil on Switch. The collection offers plenty of value and amazing gameplay that is sure to give anyone the spooks.

6) Stardew Valley

I got this game from a friend as a birthday gift, and it kept me busy for an entire week non-stop. I absolutely love this game, the creative freedom it offers warrants for hours upon hours of fun for any Switch owner.

5) Gear Club Unlimited

I have always loved beautiful looking arcade racing games, and that’s exactly what this game is. Sure, talk about it being a mobile game, but I simply don’t care. It offers enough fun and challenge that keeps me going day after day for just one more race.

4) Splatoon 2

You can’t talk about online shooters without mentioning Splatoon 2. It doesn’t take itself serious and that’s what makes it so special. If you have a Switch, you need this game and that’s all I have to say.

3) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart is always essential in any Nintendo platform, and on the Switch it is no different. It has stunning visuals and amazingly fun game modes that kept me playing for over 50 hours.

2) L.A Noire

I’ve only had this title for two days, but it is already one of my favorite Switch games. It isn’t for everyone, but the investigation and amazing face-tracking technology is just something to be amazed at.

1) Steam World Dig 2

I absolutely love this game, it is just the best indie I have ever played. It improves on the original a lot and keeps what made the original better at the same time, creating a wonderful package that everyone needs to checkout.


Legend’s List:

I will be just including indie games or games that are really niche because like Pedro’s list obviously Mario, Zelda, Skyrim, Mario Kart, Splatoon, ARMS will always be part of everyone’s list. I will also exclude any games that have been featured on my “100 Hour” reviews because clearly I like those games but you may not like them. The  other obvious disclaimer is if I haven’t played the game it can’t be on the list.

10) Revenant SAGA

This game was a surprise for me but deserves to be on the list because it is a game that does offer a lot but barred by how it looks. It is a fun game but considering how it looks will turn people off and controls can sometimes 

9) Soldam 

A puzzle game not a surprise but one that I pop in from time to time just to try and beat my previous high score. There are still next to no one playing online but I am still having a good time with each short run I do. I wish there were more people playing but just like in my full review I wish there was more people to challenge online.

8) DragonFangZ 

This one was a bit hard to put so high since yes it does have a bad translation but it is a fun game. Being a dungeon crawler it is another game I will sink many hours into and the bad translation just makes it funnier each time I do get through a section.

7) SuperBeat Xonic

I haven’t been able to put this game down since I reviewed it and when I did review it I only had a handful of hours into it. This is a game that will definitely eventually hit the 100 Hour mark with no problems at all. It is a rhythm game so each time I pop it in I know I improve and unlock more things. Currently I am at level 51 out of 100 so almost half way down to the top ranks.

6) Piczle Lines DX

This is another game that it is a puzzle game but will eventually hit the 100 hour mark just because I am enjoying it a lot and with all the free DLC that has been coming down the pipeline it is hard not to see how this game won’t hit 100 hours down the line. It is a fun time and great with my girlfriend, long rides, and something simple for my nephew to play when he is done with other games.

5) Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Over Drive

I basically had to mow down a list of emails to eventually get to review this game which will come at a later date but it is amazing! I love beat em ups so this was a game I loved the look of and the gameplay. I really wish more people knew about it but like other games it is hard to have people buy a game that no one knows anything about certainly when there is no information about it currently.

4) Splasher

Take Portal and any of your favorite 2D platformers and you have Splasher. I was surprised by how well this game, I didn’t get a review copy anywhere close to release until several weeks after release. The review for this will be coming out this week but it is funny to think such an amazing game that got a lot of praise on the Switch Subreddit and a ton of people on the AMA isn’t talked about more.

3) End is Nigh

I love Super Meat Boy and I love Binding of Issac so why wouldn’t the game that mashes those two together? Because it would create this game and it is a very good game that I am surprised isn’t getting that much talk anywhere. I hope it is doing well in sales since it is a fun game that is also tough as nails.

2) NeuroVoider

This game will always have a special place in my heart for being the game that got me into reviewing games as it was the first review copy for Switch I received. Aside from that though it is a great rougelike game that is a blast to play with friends.

1) Tiny Barbarian DX

Not really surprising this was the game that I sat and played from start to finish on my trip to Comic Con this year. It was great then and still great now so it got the top spot I even purchased a physical copy even though I have a review copy. It is great fun and I hope that a sequel is in the works.

Side mention: SteamWorld Heist… This is a game I’ve had the review copy for two weeks and would easily be on the list replacing something but considering it is an older game that doesn’t include much new stuff and it is coming out at the very tail end of 2017. I didn’t want to include it plus by the time most people finish it, it will be 2018.


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