Nintendo Switch – Putty Pals #34

Never try single player… you will regret every minute of it!


Putty Pals – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/18/17 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Developer)

Don’t get me wrong by that headline, this game is amazing! Just not in single player… It took me a while to get someone good enough to play this game with me since my nephew for some reason was having a terrible, terrible time at it. His gaming skills weren’t up to snuff for this one so I had to wait for my girlfriend to help me out. Putty Pals is a great two-player game and is in the same vein as Snipperclips, beautifully made, great music, and a whole lot of fun playing with someone. I ran through the bulk of the game in single player mode so let’s start off with that since it is impossible to play this game alone. The first few levels serve as a tutorial but in single player you will quickly find out how much of a nightmare it will be. Single player you control both putties at once so that means one JoyCon you move and jump with one putty and the other JoyCon you move and jump with the other putty. Doesn’t sound that bad but when you have to do team based things that require multiple button presses your hand will feel like it is playing Twister. Now two-player works like a dream as expected, each player controls a single putty and you do normal platforming things. This game is pretty easy game but teamwork is always key since there are collectibles in each level that need some good precise jumps. My girlfriend had a great time playing this game with me since I didn’t annoy her as much as I do with Snipperclips and the game requires teamwork to complete stages. The first thing she thought was that the game looks great and when you grab each other for the slingshot she thought it was really adorable. If you want a nice easy game that is well worth the money you really should pick this up. I hope this incredible two player game doesn’t go under anyone’s radar because under that cheerful trailer is a wonderful game that deserves its spot in the limelight. 

Another simple icon:



Story is pretty simple a tornado picks up all the putties in the area and sends them out to different parts of the island. It is your job to get all the putties back to their home. Nothing crazy happens just an enjoyable game with a simple story.


Single player, just don’t do it… I didn’t have much of a choice for the bulk of the game but once someone else was given the controller it was a dream come true. I really like that it is an option but my fingers felt really sore after playing for a half hour. In two player mode I only got to play around two hours which was enough to complete the first two areas so the game is fairly short but includes more levels to unlock that are smaller but require more precision. The game has your standard jump on platforms but the added twist is the putty mechanics. These start off simple, you can only jump on certain colors while the other putty will go right through them, the game has another mechanic that lets you flatten out to bounce your friend. This allows for some crazy trust jumps that will have one person bounce the other across a bridge or swap between the two in an acrobatic display of skill. You will also be able to grab hold and swing with your friend and stick to walls to create some crazy hanging sections.  

Personal Experience

This was a great game to sit down and play with my girlfriend typically we play games that are more who can get the better score or figuring out puzzles on our own. This game doesn’t have anything like that since it is more about teamwork and making sure you can trust the other person while playing the game for sections. My favorite sections were anytime I had to go across a bridge and my girlfriend had to trust that I would flatten to let her bounce again. Then it would swap that I had to trust her and given how much we played Snipperclips it is interesting how I didn’t do it not even a single time. This was also a game we didn’t put down to play something else so it kept us really entertained and engaged the entire time we were playing it. Many games try their best to do this but fall flat with us playing a few stages and moving on but this game just made us keep going. 

Final Thoughts

GO BUY IT! If you liked Snipperclips you will love this game. It is a great game to bond with another person and nothing is too hard that people can’t just pick up and play the game. I highly recommend it at $10 as well since it has a lot of stages for the price and each level has three orbs to collect that will require some thought or backtracking.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!


End Credits

I am so mad! I had gameplay footage but as I was cleaning up my desktop and videos since the video wasn’t labeled correctly I deleted the video. I should have a video up again in a few days because I am off but I really don’t want to put up single player footage sine two-player is what you really should be how you are playing it.


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