Playstation Vita – Borderlands 2 #1

Borderlands 2 is a beloved game that is known for both its open world exploration and crunchy humor. But when ported to a device as tiny as Sony’s PSVita, how does it stack up? Let’s find out!

Short Review: (Review by Pedro Davila)

Do people care about icons for the Vita?:


Borderlands 2 is a true technical marvel on the Vita, it looks amazing and plays beautifully with only some slight stutters. It keeps the magic of the original with the added bonus of portability, making it a must for any Vita owners.


Borderlands 2 uses a common cliche for its storyline: the bad guy wants to take over the world, and will kill anyone on his way. Your job is to prevent him from actually winning, which is even more cliche, but all this cliche adds together to make for the neat working grounds of what is an amazing game. Characters are funny, likable and drive the story through even when you think that there isn’t anything that needs to be expanded upon.


Gameplay is what makes this game so great. It combines an open world rpg with first person shooting, making for a game that feels both strategic and fun at the same time. You will be looting through the game’s vast worlds looking for better guns, shields amongst other items that all feel very meaningful towards how powerful you are. This will all matter a lot, because you will be fighting enemies of increasing difficulty, meaning that you will always have to be ready!

Fun Factor:

Lovers of rpgs and shooters will love Borderlands 2, but if you don’t fit into that category, you should still enjoy it due to its amazing writing. There is loads of fun to be had by just about anyone, and with a long lasting campaign I can easily see this game lasting over 50 hours.

PSVita Performance:

A lot of users have complained about the performance of this game. It surely feels like it is around 20 to 30 fps, but it certainly is playable. It was originally very glitchy, but after many patches the game feels perfectly fine on the Vita. If you care about the quality of a game more than how it performs, Borderlands 2 on the Vita is for you, bur if you need that silk smooth 60 fps, you’re not going to find that here.


It plays well, it shoots well, it is overall an amazing game. If you have a Vita you owe it to yourself to pickup Borderlands 2 and give it a fair shot (no pun intended). I found my copy for $20 but it can be founded for even lower, and at that price it will make a great addition to your collection that will have you playing and laughing for hours on end.


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