Nintendo Switch – DragonFangZ The Rose & Dungeon of Time #90

They fixed the translation so now it is just a solid game without funny lines…


DragonFangZ The Rose&  Dungeon of Time – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/19/17 – $24.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Toydea)

Originally this game was already a solid dungeon crawler but it had a big translation issue, it was bad. Bad enough that sometimes I had no clue what characters were trying to tell me but….. I laughed way more than I should have. The story is pretty basic which is nice but there is so much text for a game about a girl trying to get back to her home. The dungeon crawling aspect is great with the new translation. Before items would be picked up and I had no clue what they would do now they tell me exactly what they do after one use or after using the book to tell me about the item. The dungeons themselves are pretty average but the inclusion of an enemy that when defeated will flee. Takes the game up a notch since if it attaches to another enemy, it will pump it up to dangerous levels. The game is fairly long as well if you want to 100% since it has hundreds of enemies to see. The dungeons are randomly generated as well so if you die you lose everything and the level is now completely new. I would say if you are a fan of dungeon crawlers give this a try! It is a solid game and now with the better translation the story is much better at times.

Icon is pretty great in my opinion, maybe the title could be bigger:



You start off with Rose being cornered in a room when Fairy tells her to use her magic book. The book releases a wave of lightning attacks then strikes Rose and they are put into the Dungeon of Time. Fairy notices a creature nearby who is the keeper, he instructs you on what has happened. Rose needs to travel deeper into the dungeon to receive an item to take Rose and Fairy back. Pretty simple and straight forward… girl gets taken to another world and a magically item will bring her back safely.


The game is a dungeon crawler with the ability for Rose to use “Fangs” to use enemy abilities. This idea is pretty fun if you dive into it but I found it just as enjoyable picking up items, equipping and attacking.

Personal Experience

I kind of miss the original translation. It was pretty bad but interesting to see how quickly a developer will respond to feedback. I wish I could visit it again but I did grab some early game screenshots before it went live which have been present throughout the review. The game is very fun but sadly I feel as though it went under people’s radar with the mass amount of games released during the same time. The look of the game doesn’t help it either but some people have already covered how bad the translation was at the time.  

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it! It is one of the best dungeon crawlers on the Switch currently if you want something pretty basic. I enjoyed running through the entire game and had a blast with it. I do not play these types of games often but this game reminded me of the Mystery Dungeon series more than the Etrian series. 

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


There seems to be no trailer for this game….

End Credits

Ehhhh it has been a pretty rough week for me but I will get a few games out this week! I have just been very tired lately and my back has been killing me. I recently got new pillows and I think that is what has been causing me pain plus been working out more. Plan is to lose several pounds before summer to have a slim figure with the goal of having some muscle tone by New York Comic Con…. Hmm odd to think that NYCC isn’t that far off and that time last year is when I was first starting out. By my one year anniversary I should have 250+ reviews given that is about 250+ days away. So if I put out a review every other day I would have 250+ in no time. If I push forward enough I could have closer to 300 reviews which would be amazing. Wonder what I should do for my one year anniversary?


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