Split Second – ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug 1 #2

So why is this slowdown still acceptable…


ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/30/17 – $7.99


Split Second Review 

Metal Slug is an all time classic NeoGeo game and everything said about it has been said time and time again. It is a run and gun shooter that will eat quarters faster than you can blink your eyes.

My biggest issue with Metal Slug is that there are no releases that don’t have artificial slowdown that matches the original release as far as I know. I love that this is possible but why is it the only option? I decided to boot up my Raspberry Pi and give it a boost with overclocking and the difference is so big. Going back to the slowdown was a mess so why not have the option to disable it and run at a solid framerate. The price of these games being re-released on every console should have some sort of upgrade over the previous release but nope it has been the same ports since the beginning. 

Unless you have never played Metal Slug, don’t bother with this since it is nearly identical to any previous release but has a few online options that doesn’t include two player online. Is it really that hard to have these classic games with the ability to play two player online in today’s age?

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