Split Second – Frutakia 2 #18

This is some hard fruit to swallow…

Practicing Piano for future recital! Screenshot 2018-10-25 18-07-39

Frutakia 2 – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/4/18 – $3.99

Practicing Piano for future recital! Screenshot 2018-10-25 18-07-46

Split Second Review (Review copy provided by

Reviewing games can sometimes be really easy but sometimes, they can be tough as nails. Frutakia 2 is in a weird position since I think it is pretty fun but it is just a slot machine game that has a focus more on moving the columns to match 3 or more. It is as basic as it comes with a slight twist if you lose, you are able to spin a wheel to get more tries. The problems creep up once you start the game though, it isn’t a very polished game. If you decide to go with using the analog sticks, you will find them to be really sensitive to the point you will misplay just because of it. When you match 3 they don’t always instantly disappear either giving you a slight grace period to push the column one too many times. This happens way too often for me or when I decide to use the touch screen, it will move up or down when I meant the other direction. It is a real shame since I know this game was made by one person but really needs a patch to fix some of these problems, otherwise it is a fun cheap game if you are looking for a slot puzzle game.

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