Nintendo Switch – Party Golf #32

Now this was a real party!


Party Golf – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/19/2017 – $15.00

Short Review (Review copy provided by Developer)

Man! It took me a while to get this set up but I played a little bit single player and had some fun alone but when I received the review copy it was highly recommended that I played with more than 4 people. Setting this up with 4 people was a pain in the butt due to not having enough controllers but I was able to get another set of JoyCons and a Pro Controller and it was great fun. Much like Mario Kart, when I am with friends I always play drinking games with them so setting this up as a drinking game was amazing. The game felt built for that sit around together and mess with each other as everyone is trying to get it in first. The game has a lot of courses which is the main reason for me to push to continue playing. The challenges were nice but it was always how quickly can I put it in the hole or given so many hits or meters to reach the hole. Those got old pretty quickly but the real reason for buying the game should be multiplayer. Much like any other multiplayer game this is the area that shines even though I had a good time playing single player mode against the computers.

Icon for you lovely people:



No story just golf and partying….



The game has the simple mechanic of you hit the ball, it lands in an area and if it slows down to a certain point you can hit it again, so it is possible to hit a slightly rolling ball and it doesn’t need to be stopped completely to hit again. Now that is not all… this game has a ton of modes. It has Basic, which is exactly that nothing special just easy places that are quick to pick up and play with friends, Intermediate, which range from very fast balls to in the dark and the ball lights up when you hit it, Precision Required, which is has heavy balls, tiny balls, and mines, Powered Up, which gives your ball special powers depending on the stage, Super Powers, which is kind of like Powered Up but has unique things like spider ball, Survival, which has underwater, and a battle type maps, Crazy, which has a range of stuff like having the hole be right at the beginning with forcefields, Environmental, which has snow, space, and wind, Dangerous Environments, which has asteroids, minefield, and blackholes, Alternate Endings, which is things like least amount of shots, no prizes for certain places, and checkpoints, Per-Player, which gives one player the ability to have special powers while everyone else doesn’t, and last but not least Alphabetical Order, which is just all the maps in order.


Personal Experience

I spent a good two weeks playing this game alone since I didn’t know midterms were coming up for the bulk of my friends. This meant I had no way of enjoying the game it was suppose to be played. It wasn’t that bad though to be honest the computers put up a good amount of challenge and the stages get mixed up enough that it really doesn’t matter. I will easily start up Quick Game and it will easily kill a half hour in a blink of an eye and I am playing just against the computers.

Final Thoughts


If you have a nice group of friends already and have joycons or pro controllers. I would say go for it! It is a great party game which surprised me when it is just a simple game of golf. Alcohol really made it better since by the end of it we were all over the place since the game can go on pretty long once people start getting the hang of the game. It can sometimes be really simple and then other times matches can get crazy with us being neck and neck.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

Quick Play Gameplay:



End Credits

This game was a mess to get people together to play but the key was saying I will be providing alcohol. That worked out perfectly and having multiple controllers made the experience so much better. I really like playing this game it is great fun! Back to end credits, I have started a Let’s Play series of Disgaea 5 Complete which will air every other day with a gameplay video between them. All videos will go up around 10PM EST every night. I will try to let people know on Twitter if a video won’t make it up on time but if not everything should go smoothly everyday. I am also in the process of doing a collab video with another review on the Top 10 Indie games for the Switch.


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