Nintendo Switch – Crimsonland #69

Spiders… No matter how low quality they look they still make me inch all over…


Crimsonland – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/24/17 – $13.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons

This game is surprisingly fun but I think it is more because it is a twin stick shooter than anything else. Full disclosure twin stick shooters are one of my favorite genres of video games. I love Robotron 2048 and Smash TV with Smash TV being one of the few games at the local arcade that I play every time I am there.  So with that out of the way Crimsonland is a pretty solid game in the genre but it does have some issues. I found that it is too easy but that is remedied by the higher difficulties, the issue is you have to unlock them. You need to beat the campaign to get them and I still found them pretty easy since most weapons feel overpowered or the perks are sometimes too good. I found that my go to weapon are the ones that go through multiple enemies because enemies are easy to line up. They seem to be programmed to follow you so they will sort of stack up and let you get a nice line up. The game offers a nice amount if you don’t mind playing through it multiple times and the survival mode is very good eventually just overrunning you if you don’t have great weapons or perks. This game is a bit on the expensive side if you are looking for something casual but if it is on sale I would go for it.

Definitely taking a page out of Doom with the icon:



There is none as far as I can tell so I guess I can just move on from this one. The Nintendo page does have information and the website but in game there isn’t anything but even the official page just talks about Crimsonland being a twin stick shooter about aliens, lizards, and more and you have to survive. That’s all…



It is an average twin stick shooter but does offer somethings a bit different. I know for old school arcade games you picked up an item or power up and it would last for so long. This game does offer that somewhat but it does have permanent weapon pick ups and a perk system that is randomly picked out each time you level up. I love these since I can pick up my favorite weapon and roll with it the entire mission or get a perk that lets me pick the exact weapon I want. I found the perks to be pretty good but some are pretty dumb. My favorite is the ability to have a small radius around you be poisonous while a dumb one would be level up 3 times but you have 1 HP. It is a good trade but considering perks are random you could be getting 3 perks that don’t help you at all doing that situation. There are a ton of weapons and perks that you can get from enemy drops but since everything is random you may not pick up the weapon you need at that very point in time. There are a lot of different enemy types but when they switch to creatures they aren’t that much different. You do have a boss at the end of chapters which are always really easy to defeat if you pick up a run faster perk. 


There are more enemy types than spiders it is just happened to be only spiders when I took the screenshot.

Personal Experience

I enjoyed the game I’ve been playing it for a while now between other things because it is a pick up and play game. It is fun for a quick one mission and go do something else. 10Tons really got a knack for doing these sort of games that are quick one mission and do something else. I love it since I do want a break sometimes but I do wish there was an option in the survival mode to start higher up but start with no score. I just can’t start a survival mode for a few minutes since sometimes it can take a long time for me to die depending on the perks. 


Final Thoughts

I would say if you like this genre check out the footage and you may want it. Now if you don’t like this genre or just curious about it, I would wait until there is a real good sale since it is hard to recommend unless you already enjoy this genre. If it was under $10 I would say sure but currently there are plenty of games that are in the same category as this one of being a game I would highly recommend if it was slightly cheaper. 

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game 6 out of 10!


My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Another review from 10Tons and another average game that I know I enjoyed a lot but another one of those it may not be forever type of games. I know they have been pumping games quickly and they are hard to keep up with but this is a game I enjoyed a lot more than the other games they have put out. My giveaway for Dead Synchronicity is going on currently and hopefully people enjoy having a chance to win it and check out the review since that game was a unique experience.






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