Nintendo Switch – Physical Contact Picture Place #93

I really want another game like SPEED is the issue!


Physical Contact Picture Place – Nintendo Switch – Released: 8/28/17 – $4.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Collavier)

Hmmm this game seemed to have gotten lost on the way to my inbox. This is another game by Collavier but a little bit on the stranger side. Picture Place is Sodoku…. but with jewels and the option of having the standard numbers. Much like the other games in the Physical Contact series, it is a game that gets hard very quickly. I like Sodoku so it filled the void of a cheap puzzle game but lack of great multiplayer and the extreme jump in difficulties make it a hard recommendation. The tower system is such a great system but I don’t think they understand how to make increasing difficulty fair. It goes from too easy to filling the entire board before you get to 50. I don’t even want to see what 100 looks like I just imagine they give you a handful of jewels and say good luck. I would say if you need a Sodoku fix go for it since it will eat up a lot of your time but nothing else… I still highly recommend SPEED out of this series of games.

Another basic icon:



No Story…. Its Sodoku, I wonder what kind of story they could even produce for this sort of game.


I wonder if I really have Sodoku but I guess I will since there definitely could be a handful of people that have never tried it out. It is basically a number word search style of game. You will get a 9 by 9 layout and you will need to slowly fill it out correctly. No line can have a duplicate number and no block of 9 can have a repeated number either. I hope that clears it up for anyone and if that doesn’t check out the gameplay video which will be easy to follow.

Personal Experience

I personally liked playing but I know it wouldn’t be for everyone. This game just makes me want to the next Professor Layton or big budget puzzle game. I know Level-5 said we will be getting next ones but I would love if we could get Lady Layton ported to the Switch. Having that on Switch would be great! I love it on the 3DS and that was the game that got me through most of the summer. Physical Contact Picture Place isn’t a great game but it is cheap so if you love Sodoku and have no other means of playing… maybe?

Final Thoughts

I would say it is pretty split… I like Sodoku but it was it got rough quickly. When I get to a certain point I would spend anywhere between 15-30 minutes and it took me a while that I could change form the jewels to numbers. It got a bit easier with numbers but they never tell you or give the option unless you search in the options. I would say if you are really looking for 100 Sodoku puzzles get something on your phone. A game like this wouldn’t be demanding and $5 isn’t much but the game doesn’t have a great multiplayer that I wouldn’t touch with any friend.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game 4 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


No Official Trailer!

End Credits

This one really got lost in the mail, it is a shame how Gmail deals with what they think is SPAM. I have it set up to not delete it just to be on the safe side. I recently noticed another game but that was because I got a follow up email asking about if I got the email. Then I noticed it was in my spam. Seems like a certain amount of unknown characters will throw it in there. I believe it was the name of the PR person that sent it since it was all Hiragana or Katakana. Now I know to check SPAM more than needed because Google finds that it needs to hide SPAM box from me. Anyway thank you for reading and the next review should be here tomorrow! I do have Nightmare Boy to giveaway so remember check the Nintendo Subreddit!


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