Nintendo Switch – Danmaku Unlimited 3 #123

So where is one and two at???


Danmaku Unlimited 3 – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/13/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Doragon Entertainment)

When I first saw Danmaku Unlimited 3, I knew I wanted to play it. It’s a game in my favorite genre. DU3 is a very hard game but it offers something most games in the same genre do not. It offers a mode that activates bombs as soon as you get hit. This changes everything for beginner players. The short review is going to be really short because it doesn’t offer much in all the departments but I do highly recommend this game as a starting point for people getting into this genre!

Wish the title was slightly bigger or in a different color so it was easier to read:



There seems to be some sort of story but I wasn’t able to piece it together. During each of the level a small amount of text that hints to you being brought in to fight again. Then you find out that others have tried before you only to fail and this will be your end. It is only around 5-10 lines of text that I may have missed on my playthroughs. 


These are what I am talking about each level has a small amount of text like this that tells a story. 


It is a standard SHMUP so you aren’t looking at anything really different outside of the easier mode that is geared for new players. The normal mode is where you will find it is best for beginners with bombs having a way to activate when you get hit directly. This will cause you to instantly use one bomb. The difference here between the two modes is that one will use only one while the Advanced Mode will use all of them. Normal has you being able to destroy enemies and their bullets will vanish. Advanced will not do this you will need to continuously dodge bullets. Advanced also has a different attack that has everything in a single beam that does more damage but you move slower. Both modes offer a “graze” meter that does a little different things but both build up if you come in close contact with bullets but doesn’t hit your core. In Normal this meter will automatically unleash a powered up attack that does more damage and fires faster. Advanced will have you use the bomb mode to use this anytime. The game offers several modes depending on your Normal or Advanced setting but “True” mode is what most hardcore SHMUP players will enjoy. It is everything you want in a genre that demands the best of the best and not my favorite mode to play since I was never that good but felt right at home.

Short clip of what I had to deal with in the game to give people a short example of what this genre is all about. More gameplay will be added later but the short 15 clip was captured using the share feature on the Switch when I was playing a few days ago.

Personal Experience

I played this way too many times on my trip. It is the sole reason why I won’t be having many reviews coming out this week. Besides “The Long Reach” giving me massive issues but that will be discussed tomorrow since that review is almost complete! While I love this game it does present a glaring flaw that I wish could be fixed. It doesn’t offer a great vertical mode… it does offer one but I can’t seem to find a way to play while the joycons are attached. It seems to only want to use the left analog when you rotate. I would have loved to play this much like the Pinball game while holding the entire Switch vertical. 

Final Thoughts

This game is geared to help new players in a genre that is brutal, difficult, and hold no bars back. It is a call back to games like Ikaruga, Raiden, DonPachi, etc but those games have a big flaw, they aren’t new player friendly. In a world where people shame games that hold your hand even a little bit, this is a genre that greatly needed something like this. I would love to give this a perfect score but due to the lack of an easy way to set up vertical mode without needing a 3D printed attachment and no online leaderboard. I would have to give this game an 8 out of 10, if down the line we see an update for the vertical mode, I will gladly bump it up to 9 out of 10. I doubt we will see a leadership board but one can dream. 

At the end of the day we will always have an amazing soundtrack:

I purchased this as soon as I saw it was an option on the Steam page on the updates tab. 

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Keeping these short because these were suppose to go out on the weekend so I am back dating them. I didn’t have internet for almost the entire weekend so I couldn’t finish edits or upload these when I wanted to. 

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