Nintendo Switch – Midnight Deluxe #159

36 Fragments of Midnight who?


Midnight Deluxe – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/8/18 – $4.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Ratalaika Games)

This is a fairly short review so just read the full review. I would give this game an 8 out of 10! A much improved 36 Fragments of Midnight!

Testing out these new way of showing off the icons:

464179-midnight-deluxe-nintendo-switch-front-cover (1).jpg


There is no story this time around which is good since it seems like levels were the focus. 


I have never seen a series do a complete 180 but Midnight Deluxe has done it for the much better! This time around you control your character by flinging them across the stage in an Angry Birds sort of way. You have unlimited chances but the more times you fling the lower your star score. Each level has 3 stars to unlock and 70 levels to choose from. It is a fairly simple game this time around which is great. 

Personal Experience

I was able to get through the entire game and 100% it which is great and this is a much better game than 36 Fragments of Midnight. I believe the stages are just the randomly chosen stages with the new method of controlling but it is much better for it. I like that game is much more for the price and now easily can take hours to finish. Well worth the money this time around. I do wish there was a faster restart or a way of seeing what your potential score will be after a number of flings.

Final Thoughts

This is what I wanted “36 Fragments of Midnight” to be back when it came out. While 36 Fragments is now a distance memory, I am glad Midnight Deluxe has taken its place. Now if only we could get a Midnight Deluxe that played like 36 Fragments with randomly chosen sections. I would love it even more! I would give this game an 8 out of 10! While it has been a crazy ride with Ratalaika Games it seems like they are back on the right path with their games!


End Credits

Going to keep the next few pretty simple so I’ll just check you guys in the next review! Thanks for reading!

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