Split Second – Mini Metro #4

Sometimes I feel as though this train system is better than the current ones…

Nintendo Swtch - Gunbird - Gameplay Screenshot 2018-09-18 17-41-47

Mini Metro – Nintendo Switch – Released: 8/30/18 – $9.99

Nintendo Swtch - Gunbird - Gameplay Screenshot 2018-09-18 17-41-24.png

Split Second Review

Mini Metro is a game that I tiptoed in multiple times throughout the years because it is so simple and easy to pick up. The Switch version is no different but the bigger problem is the controller support. It will never feel good to use due to the nature of the game playing best when you can drag your finger across the screen. While it is great to be able to play this on the big screen without plugging up a computer, controller support is terrible. It is best to play undocked because you just drag your finger across the screen and tap on things. Controllers lock into positions and once you get to a certain point, you won’t be able to quickly move lines. I highly recommend not playing this docked or using a controller and should be primarily a undocked touchscreen game but then again might be best to pick it up on mobile if you have a phone good enough to run it.

My Gameplay Footage:

Will be uploading this weekend!

Trailer: (Can we talk about how awesome this trailer is for the Switch version???)

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