Split Second – SEGA Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog #6

One thing I hate is half ass-ing something….


SEGA Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/20/18 – $7.99


Split Second Review 

Sega Ages’s Sonic the Hedgehog has a lot of issues. The introduction of the Drop Dash created some interesting problems. The Spin Dash was a minor inclusion that didn’t break the game but the Drop Dash has questionable physics and hit box. If you don’t know what the drop dash is you currently live under a rock and missed out on one of the best Sonic games since the original trilogy. Drop Dash is the only new feature you really need to know about this game since everything else is so minor no one would care about them.

Here are the issues the drop dash on slopes has questionable speed, it will either shoot you out so fast that the camera can’t keep up or you will go so slow it would be better to not have used it. What I found is that it doesn’t matter what kind of slopes it is always hit or miss. Second issue if you hit it using a wall but still in the spinning animation, it seems to be a pixel perfect sort of thing that happens a lot to me, then you will just go straight up with no ability to move left or right. Unlike when you jump in a ball and still can move slightly around. The final and most problematic issue is the drop dash doesn’t work on some enemies one. Surely the hit box should be able to take out any enemy that you would attack by hitting their heads right? No, the most common enemy the Caterkiller if you drop dash head first you will take damage. Ok one enemy that has questionable hit boxes so surely the Spikes enemy if you hit from behind should take damage as well right? No, if you drop dash into the Spikes enemy from his spikes side he will die.

So “Should you buy Sega Ages Sonic on Nintendo Switch?”, not by a long shot! I wouldn’t be as hard on this game if the Drop Dash wasn’t included but I hear you say, “But Legend it allows you to turn it off”, and to that I say why bother paying $8 for it if the plan is to have it turned off? Might as well wait for the SEGA Genesis Classics and a great collection of games. If you must support the SEGA AGES series do yourself a favor and don’t pick up any game that will be coming to the SEGA Genesis Classic since it is not worth the $8 when you could buy the collection of 50 games for $30 that includes at least a dozen games worth playing. As a note this will likely be the only Genesis SEGA Ages game I check out due to have poor it is.

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Had to add this for this time because it needs to be said. Here at 100 Hour Reviews, I strive to play several hours of a game or finish it so when people talked about the Sega Ages release of Sonic 1, I was kind of excited. An updated version of Sonic that makes slight adjustments to the original while “improving” on it. What I did not know is that many of these people talking about it day 1, have no idea what they are talking about. 

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