Split Second – Marble It Up! #9

If only there was more…


Marble It Up! – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/29/18 – $19.99


Split Second Review

Marble It Up! is what a new Marble Blast would be like today. A fun and exciting game but has one issue… for the price, the content doesn’t give enough. The game is a great time from beginning to end but I wanted more. I played this is one sitting, all 40 levels and I was able to get Gold on most of them. I was kind of shocked by how short it was since I expected it to have at least 6 Worlds since even in World 3, they were introducing new ideas. There was never a point that I felt the stages were hard either so it felt like we were just getting started. I would only need to restart a stage once or twice before I was able to complete it. This was a real bummer paying $20 and feeling incomplete by the end. The ground work is great they just needed to push out further. There are also a hidden item in each stage but most of these require you to be very good and I was only able to get a handful by the end. I highly recommend this game with the warning of you will finish it very quickly.

My Gameplay Footage:

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