Split Second – FROST #14

Well I can’t seem to beat the game on easy mode yet spent a few hours already…


FROST – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/19/18 – $12.99


Split Second Review

Now Frost is a hard game… Unlike Reigns which is story and creative thinking. Frost is a deck building game that requires you to pay close attention to supplies and never be too low on anything. As stated in the catch line, I can’t beat the easy mode. This is kind of a good thing because I enjoy the game but currently I still can’t figure out how to push forward. I want to win but there is always something blocking me from the final few days. I’ve gotten very close to the point I was only one day away but didn’t have enough resources. It is a real pain to require just one thing but not be able to draw it or notice that you have no way of obtaining that final item. I went into Frost thinking I should be able to get through the easy mode in a few tries. I am up to around 20-30 tries but inching closer and closer each time. With each play you will unlock new cards so it is only a matter of time before the game pities you. The game requires you to beat easy to unlock the other difficulties but I am sure they are no easier and will likely be the exact same thing but more days. 

Recommending this game is very hard since I’ve been on a deck building/board game kick for a while now. I would say look at gameplay and know that it won’t be easy if you don’t understand it quickly. $13 is a hard pill to swallow and an even harder one when you can’t pass the easy mode.

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