Split Second – Thumper #16

Another rhythm game I can’t put down…


Thumper – Nintendo Switch – Released: 5/18/17 – $19.99


Split Second Review

Thumper is a rhythm game but also not a rhythm game. While it does have music I would say it is music that is taking you on a journey rather than you just listening to it. You control your ship? beetle? Honestly I have no idea what it is but it is pretty cool with a shield on it. Thumper is part memory game and rhythm I would say since everything has to be done slightly ahead of time to make the music flow correctly. If you try and do it exactly on time, you will get hit or worst die. I really enjoy this game but I don’t think the Switch version is the best one, if you have the ability definitely pick up the VR version as being able to look around is amazing. I was able to play it once and definitely never want to go back to the Switch version. It doesn’t help that the Switch version has some loading issues that I hope a physical copy can iron out but booting up and getting into stages take a bit too long. I wish I could quickly jump in like in other games but Thumper takes its sweet time loading and sometimes makes me regret starting it up over another game.

My Gameplay Footage:

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