Nintendo Switch – FlashBack #179

Now I remember why I never beat this game as a child…


FlashBack – Nintendo Switch – Released: ??? – $??? Can’t find information on the US release

Short Review (Review copy provided by Microids)

Ah Flashback, an old school classic that always finds a way back to modern consoles. If it is a port, a remake or remaster, it always finds a way. This edition of Flashback is no different but does come with two different modes, it has the ability to switch between the original art style and the new retro look they decided to give the game. The “remastered” art style looks more like how I remember the game looking back in the day even though as I popped in my Genesis version they were a world of difference. Flashback is a game that I’ve had for years but never finished it due to one issue… I never knew where to go. Flashback on the Switch is no different so I used an online walkthrough to complete the game. These old games are ones that nowadays require a guide to finish, I’m not sure if it is due to more people talking about these types of games or if magazines covered these games more in full. Flashback is a “where do I go” type of game which isn’t bad if you use a guide. It is a mix of action and adventure with point and click style gameplay, I found myself before using the guide just going screen to screen seeing if I can do anything. Then proceeding to leave the screen because I had no idea what to do next. I don’t hate Flashback but do wish the remastered had some hand holding. The game is fairly long if you have no idea what to do next since it is an open area type of games with a lot of do one thing here or pick up an item here before I can do anything else. Running through this game on Switch was a nice experience but felt as though it needed some more updates to be a bit more modern. I would give Flashback an 8 out of 10!

The icon reminds me exactly of the game on Genesis:



The game starts off with a cutscene of your character escaping an area. Once he has fled he gets shot down and lands in a forest, he loses his holocube. He finds it and the holocube explains that his name is Conrad and that he recorded this message to inform himself that his mind was wiped and he will need to find his friend to figure out what is wrong. He travels through different locations to find out that an alien race has taken over and want to use humans to power their machine before they kill them all. Conrad uses this knowledge to overthrow them and fix everything that is going on.


As stated in the short review this is a game that is a “where do you go” type of game. You will be platforming through sections, attacking enemies with your gun, and picking up items. The story slowly unfolds to you through cutscenes that are short and simple but keep to the point. The game has you running through areas for most of it while trying to stay alive to proceed to the next area.

Personal Experience

I didn’t beat this game once, I ended up beating it twice. I wanted to re-experience myself with the original version I had growing up so I played through the genesis version. It is a weird experience going between the two but after playing it once and again on the genesis. It was a bit easier, it feels like one of those games that the more you play the more skillful you look playing through it, much like Dragon’s Lair. I did enjoy it more the second time through as I knew what to do and didn’t rely on the guide as much so I can understand how someone back in the day felt once they finished the game. You won’t forget how to beat it again and do it much faster. I enjoyed playing it a lot even though controls were a bit off at first but once I got into the rhythm I was running, rolling, ducking, and killing enemies with ease. 

Final Thoughts

This is a classic game that I didn’t enjoy back in the day but enjoy now so I wonder how many people like me will be passing on it due to remembering the older versions. It is a shame that not as many things were updated for this new port but at least we get an excellent. I am still waiting on my copy but glad that I am able to get it. I would give this game an 8 out of 10, mainly for still requiring a guide to complete and not enough updates to say it is worth purchasing the new version if you own an older console.

My Gameplay Footage:

Gameplay uploaded wrong so have to redo it so hopefully I get it re-recorded in the next few days.



End Credits

Keeping these short just because I am feeling under the weather so just writing, editing, recording, and getting through my backlog. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next review!

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